The history behind the northern boxer club

The Northern Boxer Club was founded in 1946, and in breaking away from the British Boxer Club, it became the premier provincial Breed Club in the UK. The Club was founded by Mr Allon Dawson, one of the early pioneers of the breed, whose own 'Stainburndorf' kennel was founded on the bloodlines of the 'von Dom' Boxers belonging to Frau Stockmann, doyenne of the breed. The Boxers of today all descend from the Von Dom bloodlines. Based at Leathley Grange on the outskirts of Leeds, Mr Dawson was the driving force behind the Club, and the Boxer enthusiasts in the North of England. He wore his love of the German Boxer on his sleeve, and even made a point of explaining the origin of his affix 'Stainburndorf' in the British Boxer Club Handbook. It came from two sources: 'Stainburn' a village near Otley where he lived, and the German word for village 'dorf'. Mr Dawson's passion for the Boxer was unbounded; he imported dogs from all over Europe including Hans van de Zaankant from Holland. He also imported several from the von Dom kennel, including Zuftig von Dom, a son of the immortal Lustig. He was purchased in 1939, but as a contribution to the war effort, Mr Dawson sold him to America to benefit the Red Cross fund. He sired only two litters before leaving for the US, and one of these was to a bitch Mr. Dawson imported called Bessi von Trauntal. This mating produced Stainburndorf Zulu, who when mated to the bitch Panfield Astra produced the top sire of the early Fifties, Panfield Flak. Zulu was also the grandsire of CH Monarchist of Maspound, who was best of breed at the first Championship show after the war, under the American judge John Wagner (Mazelaine) in 1946. Although there were only five Championship shows where CCs were on offer, Allon Dawson's Stainburndorf Boxers won 4 of the 10, and Stainburndorf Vanda, a daughter of Lustig von Dom won the first bitch CC ever. Among Mr Dawson's other imports was Frolich von Dom. This dog was a son of the German CH. Heiner von Zwergeck and out of an American bitch - Goody Goody of Sirrah Crest, brought to Germany by Frau Stockman. Although Frolich was originally purchased to strengthen the Stainburndorf bloodlines, he was sold to the US for the almost unprecedented sum of $3,000, and this was in the mid-1950s! In an article in the Dog World Annual, Mr Dawson inferred that it was because the dog was not really appreciated in England, but whether or not this was true has to be speculation.

Mr Philip Dyson

Mr Dawson was one of the first officers of the British Boxer Club, and was instrumental in drawing up the standard. According to the surviving founders of the British Boxer Club, the translation of the German Standard into English was extremely contentious (as indeed it still is today), and Mr Dawson felt that the British committee were straying too far from the original. He was also concerned that the members of the founding club were mainly based in the south of England, and thus geographically biased. It was at this point that Mr Dawson determined to create a breed club to serve the North of England, and the Northern Boxer Club was born. The original club secretary was Mr Philip Dyson - one of the first generation of Boxer Breeders with his affix 'Knowle Crest' who owned the second UK Boxer Bitch Champion. His was a very powerful voice in the breed until his death in the late 70s, much of his stock being from the Stainburndorf bloodlines. This was a time for rapid expansion of the Boxer Breed and much was done to further public awareness with the Northern Boxer Club at the forefront. The Northern was instrumental in bringing celebrities from all over the world to officiate in England (including Frau Stockmann and Dr R C Harris, owner of the immortal Bangaway of Sirrah Crest). Mr Dawson was eventually superseded as President by Mr Philip Dyson, with Mr George Blake as Secretary - a position that that gentleman held for over twenty years. Subsequently, many Northern Boxer Club members achieved show ring success with their Boxers throughout the Fifties and Sixties. In the 60s, a new member was elected to the Northern Boxer Club committee - Mr Patrick Beardsell. Mr Beardsell had a major impact on the Club throughout his time as committee member, Chairman, and ultimately President of the Club until his unfortunate death in 1997.

1996 - NBC Committee with Mr Peter Baynes and Mrs Ferelith Somerfield

In 1996 the Northern celebrated 50 years as a Breed Club - 'The Golden Jubilee Year'. Our Championship Show that year was judged by Mr Peter Baynes and Mrs Ferelith Somerfield. 

The Club now has Christine Beardsell (Patrick's wife) as Chairman, Arthur Butters as President and Vikki Van-Beck (Patrick's daughter) as Secretary & Treasurer.

Sadly at our AGM in 2008 Mr Geoff Gatenby decided to stand down after 25 years as a committee member and 12 years as our Treasurer - his efforts for The Northern Boxer Club will be sadly missed

Mr Geoff Gatenby being presented, by Christine Beardsell, a thank you gift at our 2008 AGM

We look forward to many more years as a Club and hope many of you will continue your valued support

A beautiful piece of history caught on camera - Wayne Patterson being awarded The Philip Dyson Memorial Trophy.

A few changes within the Club over the last few years, Christine Beardsell stood down as Chairman and this has been taken up by Trevor Welch who has held the position for 3 years now. This year, 2021, Arthur Butters decided to stand down as our President, which he has held for 20 years, Jean Grandfield has now taken this position and we are so pleased that Arthur will remain on our committee