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In line with the new JEP we have compiled a new Judging List to incorprate the existing A, B and C Lists together with the new JEP Levels

Click HERE for the Complete Judging List

Download the NEW Kennel Club's Judges Education Booklet released May 2022 HERE

If you are not showing on the above list on the level you believe you are on please take 5 minutes
to complete the APPLICATION FORM which will help you work out which level you should be on
The form can be completed on-line and then emailed straight to our BEC with any supporting documents as details
in the form for any updates to take place

E-Mail -

Due to ever increasing delays from the Kennel Club in relation to the new Judging Database please
note that this is the only way to progress on the judging ladder at present

It is IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that no-one can judge at any level if
they DO NOT meet JEP Level 1 criteria as from 1 January 2021