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New Observing System

Once a judge has completed 3 mentoring sessions, ideally completed all stewarding requirements and has 3 stud book numbers observing can take place at

Breed Club Open Show
Breed Supported Entry Show (minimum dogs present for Stud Band Tier 5 15 dogs)
Championship Show without CCs

Observers have bred/owned at least 3 UK Champions in the Breed and awarded CCs at least 3 times are AUTOMATICALLY Observers

Any persons who do not meet the above criteria but have been supported by Breed Council / Clubs (and accepted by the KC Judges Committee)


Assessing a Judge's ability to demonstrate their understanding of the Breed Standard, ring management and method of judging

Observation Record Form to be completed on the day of the session, the 'Judge' must then update their on-line account (when available) and a copy sent to the BEC

Code of Best Practice for BREED OBSERVATION

Observation Evaluation Form

Potential Observers (and Mentors) who meet the above criteria are asked to note that the lists will be compiled afresh. Therefore, anyone who wishes to express an interest (regardless of whether they have been listed previously) is asked to contact a relevant breed club and/or breed council.

You can see, from the geographical areas below, the areas our existing Mentors can cover - we would welcome more ...... please get in touch!

Based on areas

Yvonne Miller & Walker Miller (Walkon)
Betty McDonald (Yeteb)
Lynn Mair (Glenauld)

Greg Dowell & Sandra Huckerby (Norwilbeck / Bellchime)
Marion McArdle (Mcarmadale)

Jean Watson & Tony Watson (Roylark)
Derek Smith (Clickam)
Andrew Brace (Tragband)
Sandra Parle (Elrap)

Keith Baldwin (Nightstorm)

Ian Basnett (Eriska)
Steve Gething (Jeddhi)
Frank Kane (Hirontower)
Christine Ellingworth (Doncleve)
Wendy Brooks (Jinnybrux)
Wayne Patterson

Christina Chapman (Burkis)
Graham Mullis (Idleforde)
Julie Cook (Manic)
Claire Kay (Seacrest)
Debbi Huggins (Daervlish)
Joe Smith (Mowgli)
Ruth Perret (Bockendon)
Eddie & Helen Banks (Norwatch / Sunhawk)

Malcolm James (Maromad)
Terry John (Westernmoor)

Linda Spencer (Derun)
Tony Curtin & Stewart Lockwood-Brown (Shiloh)
Amanda Jinks (Stangard)

Linda Carnaby (Tartarian)
Eileen Kelly (Casemates)

Tim Hutchings (Winuwuk)
Denise Pye (Burnden)

Fiona Godwin (Sultash)
Barbara Morison (Xandene)
John Cormack (Sugarwood)

Sue Drinkwater (Sulez)
Laura Clark (Clarkenwells)
Viv Mathews (Brubor)
Lesley Wearing (Miofrey)
Liz Cartledge (Ryslip)
Edna Woods (Sandyne)
Michael Bruggenburg-Rothschild (Merribox)
Mark Beardow (Sipowitz)
Wendy Mitchell (Diceulon)

Brenda Groves (Jimbren)
Ann Ingram (Tirkane)