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NEW Mentoring System

Mentors have bred/owned at least 2 UK Champions in the Breed and awarded CCs at least twice are AUTOMATICALLY 'mentors'

Any persons who do not meet the above criteria but have been supported by Breed Council / Clubs (and accepted by the KC Judges Committee)


Mentoring achieves and embeds positive changes in learnings and behavior, through two-way dialogue, leading to a Mentee gaining a board insight into a breed from multiple perspectives

Feedback is designed to help reinforce education and good behaviors and identify specific opportunities to learn

Code of Best Practice for BREED MENTORING

Mentoring Form

One a judge has registered at Level 2 they are eligible to be mentored
Minimum of three mentoring sessions required with at least 12 months between the first and this mentoring session

The Mentee can choose any combination of 3 of the 4 mentoring scenarios - please note that a Mentee can only do Group Mentoring once

Mentoring may take place in 4 different scenarios:

1. Group Mentoring session run by a breed club
2. One to One mentoring at the ringside
3. Judging Special Award classes
4. Acting as a Student Judge
Please refer to Kennel Club guidelines regarding the various mentoring sessions

Mentoring Record Form to be completed on the day of the session, the Mentee must then update their on-line account (when available) and a copy sent to the BEC

Boxer Mentors

The new rules now state for people who have bred/owned at least 2 UK Champions in the Breed and awarded CCs at least 2 times are AUTOMATICALLY mentors
plus the existing list which we set-up before the new rules




Additional Mentors

Jean Grandfield
Edna Woods
Ruth Perrett
Ann Wildman
Liz Adam
Linda Carnaby
Ann Bee

Yvonne Miller & Walker Miller (Walkon)
Betty McDonald (Yeteb)
Lynn Mair (Glenauld)

Greg Dowell & Sandra Huckerby (Norwilbeck / Bellchime)
Jean Watson & Tony Watson (Roylark)
Marion McArdle (Mcarmadale)

Keith Baldwin (Nightstorm)
Margaret Wildman (Wildax)
Sandra Parle

Ian Basnett (Eriska)
Steve Gething (Jeddhi)
Christine Ellingworth (Doncleve)
Wendy Brooks (Jinnybrux)

Christina Chapman (Burkis)
Graham Mullis (Idleforde)
Julie Cook (Manic)
Claire Kay (Seacrest)
Debbi Huggins (Daervlish)
Joe Smith (Mowgli)
Jo Cairns (Galicar)

Malcolm James (Maromad)
Terry John (Westernmoor)

Jeannine Merrey (Burnden)
Amanda Jinks (Stangard)

Eileen Kelly (Casemates)

Tim Hutchings (Winuwuk)
Denise Pye (Burnden)

Fiona Godwin (Sultash)
Barbara Morison (Xandene)

John Cormack (Sugarwood)

Marion Seeney (Maranseen)
Sue Drinkwater (Sulez)
Laura Clark (Clarkenwells)
Viv Mathews (Brubor)
Lesley Wearing (Miofrey)
Michael Bruggenburg-Rothschild (Merribox)

Mark Beardow (Sipowitz)
Wendy Mitchell (Diceulon)
Jeannine Merrey (Burnden)

Brenda Groves (Jimbren)
Ann Ingram (Tirkane)