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As from 1st January 2021 all Boxer Clubs in the UK actively support the following Canine Society / Associations

When supporting Breed classes at a General Open Show, Breed Clubs will be allowed to do some or all of the following (only the judges are mandatory):

* Recommend at least two judges from which the Show Society will make its selection (proposed judges must be either at Level 2 or Level 3 (or B list or A3 list during JEP transition period))
PREFERRED but also acceptable for C list / Level 1 judges to accept
* Recommended to provide rosettes
* Provide special prizes (if any)
* Recommended to pay for the judge’s expenses (if any)
* Provide prize money when otherwise none is offered (if required)

There is no restriction on the number of classes which can be scheduled (unless a Level 1 / C List judge)
Preferably a good number of classes will be scheduled to encourage entries and to provide the judge with valuable hands-on experience

The Kennel Club anticipates that the sponsoring of breed classes at General Open Shows will have the following advantages:

* The quality and quantity of exhibits at such events are likely to increase
* The better shows will be encouraged and are likely to flourish
* Breed Clubs will have greater opportunity to support/influence show events than at present
* Breed Clubs will have more influence over who judges their breed at General Open Shows
* Provide opportunities for judges to be mentored at the ringside and observed while judging to meet the JCF requirements
* Breed Clubs will be encouraged to take a greater part in General Canine Society Shows, thus broadening the outlook of the overly specialist breeds


The Anglian Boxer Club
Boston & District Canine Society
Date: 30th May 2023
Judge: Tan Nagrecha
Boston & District Canine Society
Date: 17th December 2023
Judge: TBC

British Boxer Club
Banbury & District
Date: 1st May 2023
Judge: Ken Woods
Reading Canine
Date: TBC
Judge: TBC

Cotswold Boxer Club
Gloucester & District
Date: 25th February 2023
Judge: Ellias Vorrias
Bristol & District

Essex & Eastern Boxer Club
Wickford, Basildon & District CS
2023 Show cancelled
Clacton & District CS
2023 Show cancelled

Irish Boxer Club

London & Home Counties Boxer Club

Mancunian Boxer Club
Stockport & District Canine Society
Rochdale & District Canine Society
Colne & Nelson Canine Society

Merseyside Boxer Club
Cheshire County Show
Date: 20th / 21st June 2023
Judge: Dale Francis
Maghull & Merseyside Canine Society
Date: December
Judge: TBC

Midland Boxer Club
Burton-on-Trent Kennel Association
Sedgley and Gornal CS

Northern Boxer Club
York Canine Society
Date: July
Judge: TBC

Scottish Boxer Club
Upperward Of Lanarkshire Canine Society

Date: Saturday 18th Febriary 2023
Judge: Megan Litlewood
Carluke & Canine District
Date: 16th December 2023
Judge: TBC

South Wales Boxer Club

South Western Boxer Club

Trent Boxer Club
Newark & District Canine Society
Date: 25th February 2023
Judge: Sue Toogodd
Retford Canine Society

Tyne, Wear & Tees Boxer Club